Here you'll see all the schedules that are stored in the system. Select one of them to modify its settings, or choose Add to create a new schedule.

Schedule Settings

Here are all the settings you can change for a schedule.

  • Name - name of the schedule

  • Enabled - turn on/off the schedule

  • Override - if turned on then this schedule will override all other schedules for the same period

  • Start Date - when the schedule starts

  • End Date - optional end date for when the schedule ends (inclusive)

  • Days - set the schedule to run on the selected day of week

  • Start Time - time of day when the schedule starts

  • End Time - optional end time for when the schedule ends. Note that a cue playback may end before the scheduled end time

  • Output - which output the schedule will use (if multiple)

  • Type - type of event (pattern, cue, preset)

  • Play - what will be played at the scheduled event

Delete Schedule will delete the schedule from the system. Note that changes to the schedule don't take effect until you exit out of the schedule settings screen. Also schedules are only triggered on whole minutes (so 8:00:00, 8:01:00, 8:02:00 and so on).

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