What can I use the DMX Core 100 for?

There are many different use-cases for the DMX Core 100. Here's a list of a few examples:

House of worship

Set up presets to control stage lights when a show is not running. Add presets for different brightness levels and colors. Quickly select presets from the touch screen. A PIN code can be used to prevent unauthorized access to change presets. Set it up using sACN with a low priority so the main show lighting console will always have priority.

Restaurants and bars

Use the presets to have different static color themes (4th of July colors, Christmas, and so on). Automate presets using the scheduler. Use RGB pixels and create dynamic patterns in lighting software, record it on the DMX Core 100 and recall as needed, or add them to a schedule. Integrate with OSC to use iPads to recall scenes and patterns.


Control DMX light fixtures and pixels, set up presets and recorded patterns. Add RGB lights to the pool and garden area and have it come alive during parties and entertainment. Remotely access the DMX Core 100 to make changes based on the owner's request, without rolling a truck.

Q-Sys and Symetrix Remote

In a building using the QSC Q-Sys Core or Symetrix DSPs for automation you can install DMX Core 100s in 2-gang electrical boxes to allow access to named controls in the DSP, for example to change audio inputs, level and more. You can have different pages/screens for different rooms, maybe add permission settings to limit volume range in select locations and much more.

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