• Record and playback of dynamic DMX, up to 40 universes

  • Light fixture control with profiles

  • Multi-room/zone support

  • Presets with smooth fades

  • Scheduler

  • Remote control for QSys and Symetrix DSP cores

  • Installer-customizable menu options

  • Set up multiple units as remote control/server

  • Map outputs to a combination of ArtNet/sACN/KiNet/DMX universes

  • Support for optional 2-port DMX-512 board

  • Record from any source (DMX-512, ArtNet sACN or KiNet), plus live monitor feature


  • Three main modes of access; admin, user and lock-down

  • Screen lock with 4-digit pin code

  • Admin Web UI

  • Lock-down mode prevents admin access via touch screen (only accessible via Web UI)

  • Installer-configured custom menus with multiple levels and icons


  • 4.3" touchscreen

  • Powerful compute module based on Raspberry Pi CM4

  • Knob to navigate without touching the screen, plus used for easy control input

  • RTC clock with (optional) battery backup

  • Power over Ethernet or 8-28VDC power input

  • Uses max 8 watt of power

  • Black bezel (3d-printed, STL files are available to customers)

  • Aluminum mounting frame

  • 1 GbE Ethernet, supporting up to 40 universes at 40 Hz for network streams

  • MicroSD and USB-A for file storage/bootloader updating

  • Supports USB DMX output via Enttec Pro/DMXking USB device (up to 4 universes)

  • Supports 2-port DMX512 board via piggy-back connector

  • Designed to be installed in a 2-gang electrical box


  • Remote configuration via BalenaCloud (secure VPN access)

  • Configure settings via Web UI and API

  • Remote software upgrade (requires internet connectivity)

  • Admin/User/Lockdown mode

  • DHCP or Static IP configuration on device or Web UI

  • Device nick name (displays on-screen)

  • Device network host name override

  • Time zone support

  • Auto log-off of admin user

  • Web Admin UI with features to view screenshot of the device, perform upgrades, view log file, restart and more

  • VNC remote control to remotely operate the touch screen

  • Backup/Restore to local files and cloud

  • Custom menu for locked down device operation


  • ArtNet, sACN (E1.31) and KiNet (v1 and v2) support up to 40 universes at 40 Hz

  • Supports sync packets over ArtNet, sACN and KiNet for multi-universe sync

  • Supports sACN send priority

  • Optional support for USB devices (Enttec Pro and DMXking devices)

  • Optional 2-port isolated DMX512 board (mounts at the back of the DMX Core 100)

  • Trigger cues, playback, presets, dimmers and more via custom LUA script on QSC Q-Sys and Symetrix DSP cores

  • Remote control via OSC (to be used with software like TouchOSC and more)

  • Remote control via MIDI (trigger via pads and knobs on equipment like Akai LPD8 and others)

  • Import light fixture profiles from Lightkey and Daslight (SSL2)

External Control

  • Build custom UI for external controllers like QSC/Q-Sys and Symetrix

  • Up to 4 columns of controls based on a mix of buttons and faders

  • Control multiple levels on single fader (switch between rooms/zones)

  • Program push knob to control mute or switch level zones

  • Two-way updates, see the current status and levels on all connected devices

  • Compatible with Q-Sys from QSC and the Symetrix SymNet DSPs

  • Uses built-in control interface of QSys and Symetrix, no scripting or extra licenses required

  • Customize buttons, icons and colors

  • Support multiple pages, accessible via custom menus

  • Remote management via Web Admin UI and VNC

  • Dynamic reload when configuration updated, completely remotely

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