DMX Lighting Engine


The DMX Core 100 can operate as a DMX light fixture controller. It supports ArtNet and sACN over network, but also direct DMX-512 ports via the optional board and a few USB-based DMX interfaces like the DMXking MAX devices.

There are two main modes of operation, fixture control and cue playback. You can set up fixtures that match your physical and connected DMX light fixtures. They have to be configured in the DMX Core 100 with the correct profile and personality, but configuration is easy since you can import profiles from popular fixture libraries like Lightkey and Daslight. For cue playback the process is that the DMX Core 100 can record DMX streams from other lighting software, basically any software that can output ArtNet, sACN or DMX-512 (via DMX ports). It's also possible to import capture files from the DMXking products (stored on SD cards).

Fixture Profile Import

The process is to download the profile either to a USB memory stick and attach directly to the DMX Core 100, or via the Admin Web UI where you can upload the profile to the transfer folder. Then from the touch screen you go to Utilities, File Explorer and import the profile.

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