Frequently Asked Questions

How can I power the Pico2 Re-Mapper?

The Pico2 can be powered either via USB-C at 5V, or via the power input connector at 7-28VDC.

How much power is it using?

The Pico2 draws about 30mA at 12V, less than 1 watt.

Can I run my own firmware?

Yes, the re-mapper is built on the exact same hardware as the DMX Core Pico2, but it comes bundles, and pre-loaded, with the Re-Mapper firmware and config utility that DMX Core has developed and maintains. You can run any Raspberry Pi Pico firmware on the hardware and later download the Re-Mapper firmware again.

Is the Re-Mapper firmware source code available/open source?

At this time the firmware and config utility is not made available/open source.

I have a suggestion for a new feature, can you add it for me?

We're open to suggestions, please open an issue, or contact us directly.

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